I am intrigued by the philosophical question we all face in this short life, “How do we reach our full potential in work and life?”

This has shaped the topics I research and write about including:

  • Career – managing a career strategically over a long period of time to deliver impact from your unique expertise and realize freedom.
  • Health – mental, physical, and spiritual – is a two-way street. You experience a boost of mojo when you are loving the work you do. To do work you love at your full potential, you need to feel great and approach life with a growth mindset.
  • Product management to build products that create amazing value. The most important product of your life is you – we all have something to sell.
  • Technology to save time, amplify the impact of a great products, create wealth and freedom.

To cultivate perspectives on this question, I synthesize strategies from books I’ve read and my personal experiences over the last 30+ years.

Articles by Topic


Connect with Yourself

It’s easy to race through the day and start the next without understanding where you are, how you are feeling, or the direction you are heading. You may be disconnected in various ways without actually realizing it. You lack the awareness to be your best at work and...

Know Who To Take On The Journey

We have all heard one of these painful stories before - likely about someone, we know personally. The person who chooses a business partner that steals their money, company, or dignity. The person who chooses a romantic partner that turns out to be someone different...

Connect With Your Mortality

"All things human, are short-lived and perishable" - Seneca Our days are limited. How we spend each day will influence the outcomes of this precious life. In the hustle of daily life, it's easy to lose consciousness of this force we do not control. Instead of avoiding...

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A Daily Dose of Self-Love

Take care of yourself. Exercise daily - ideally first thing in the day. Plan meals and eat healthy. Spend time with quality people. Go to sleep on the same schedule - get 8 hours. Commit to self-love each day. Build up your supply in small doses. Commit to a routine...

Know the Life You Wish For

1.  Write the story of your life. You are the star of your life story.Each of us is given one shot to author the story that defines us.There is a beginning and an end – neither do you control.What happens in between is your precious life – never to be replicated...

Updated Career Strategy Framework Content

The career path we choose is the single most important decision of our life. It will impact our success, wealth, the people we come in contact with, and ultimately our happiness. We are given a slice of time on this earth and how we manage the journey each day will...

Observe and Study Yourself to Achieve Success

Observe and study yourself to alter your perspective on how you see other people and the world. The Laws of Human Nature will help you understand yourself and how to effectively engage with others. It's a deep read but humans are complex creatures. Robert...

Learn to Want What You Already Have

In his book, A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy, William B. Irvine shares a phenomenon called hedonic adaptation. It’s a process by which people find themselves on a satisfaction treadmill due to their insatiability and boredom to constantly want...

Spread Knowledge and Good Karma

Sharing my work broadly gets ideas out in the wild with the hope of helping people save time to reaching their full potential in their work life.

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