The Laws of Human Nature

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Law 13 – Advance with a Sense of Purpose – The Law of Aimlessness

We do the best we can when it comes to our career path and handling the inevitable setbacks in life. But in the back of our minds we can sense an overall lack of direction, as we are pulled this way and that way by moods and by the opinions of others.

How did we end up in this job, in this place? Such drifting can lead to dead ends.

The way to avoid such a fate is to develop a sense of purpose, discovering our calling in life and using such knowledge to guide us in our decisions.

Something from deep within Martin Jr. impelled him to create some distance and autonomy.

And it meant going his own way when something deep within urged him to do so.

He could hear this voice so clearly from within that it would echo and reverberate throughout his life.

From then on, in conversations and speeches, he would continually refer to this “voice” that now guided him.

But the voice he had heard so many years before in Montgomery allowed him to squelch his fears and rise above the depression. Whenever he felt connected to his mission and purpose in life, we would experience a profound sense of fulfillment.

We like to present a front to the world that is consistent and mature, but we know inside that we are subject to many different moods and wear many different faces, depending on circumstances. We lack a sense of cohesion and direction in life.

We could choose any number of paths, depending on our shifting emotions, which pull us this way and that.

The only solution to this dilemma is King’s solution – to find a higher sense of purpose, a mission that will provide us our own direction, not that of our parents, friends or peers.

This mission is intimately connected to our individuality, to what makes us unique.

As King expressed it: “We have a responsibility to set out to discover what we are made for, to discover our life’s work, to discover what we are called to do. And after we discover that, we should set out to do it with all strength and all of the power that we can muster.”

This “life’s work” is what we were intended to do, as dictated by our particular skills, gifts and inclinations.

By our nature we humans crave a sense of direction.

A compass and guidance system does exist. It comes from looking for and discovering the individual purpose to our lives.

Each human is radically unique. This uniqueness is inscribed in us in three ways – the one-of-kind configuration of our DNA, the particular ways our brains are wired and our experiences as we go through life, experiences that are unlike any other’s.

Consider this uniqueness as a seed that is planted at birth, with potential growth. And this uniqueness has a purpose.

Normally the signs of our uniqueness are clearer to us in early childhood. We found ourselves naturally drawn to particular subjects or activities, despite the influence of our parents. We can call these primal inclinations.

Law 14 – Resist the Downward Pull of the Group