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My Notes

Two Key Skills: Listening and Speaking

Listening makes you captivating.

Our vocabulary constantly reveals how we think.

You have two ears and one mouth, Ruth Ann. That means you should listen twice as much as you speak.

Listen. Actively and often; always.

Listen actively, in pictures.

An effective device for listening better is literally this: Put your entire body into it. Feel your entire body, from head to hands to feet, engaging the speaker. When you engage your body in engaging the speaker, your mind engages more, too.

If all you did is listen, all you will know is what they said.

You cannot merely listen. You must observe. Life is not words; it is actions.

How do they act? What does she do? Where does she spend her time and money?

What does her posture tell you? What does her bookshelf say?

Listen to words, but then use your eyes: See what they’re saying too.