This week I have been thinking about the importance of using the gift of feedback to take my game to the next level each week. Use these ideas to shape your mindset this coming week and take one action to accelerate your potential.

Ideas from the Career Strategy Framework

Decide to Turn Pro

“Turning pro is free. When you turn pro is all up to you. It’s the Resistance that is keeping you an amateur from important work. As life passes you by, your hope of turning pro diminishes each day. All it takes is a mindset shift to act like a pro and leave the amateur ways behind you. Decide to turn pro and you will find your power to operate at your full potential.”

Learn Through Feedback

“We all have blindspots – what is unknown to us, yet known to others. We lack an accurate view of how we perform or how our style is interpreted by others. People shy away from feedback due to their ego or the uncomfortable feeling when someone sees them differently from their internal perception. Successful people can be delusional about their capabilities and achievements. Even if we have constructive feedback for these high performers, they can make it hard to give that feedback and therefore we don’t. Winners actively seek out feedback and see it as a gift they can act on to continuously reach new levels of performance.”

Target a Path of Your Individuality

“Take the path less traveled or not traveled at all. Avoid following the crowds – an oversupply reduces the price you can command.”

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Strategies and Ideas From Others


“If we’re lucky, every once in a while something or someone comes along who opens our eyes to our faults – and helps us strip away a delusion or two about ourselves. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we should consider ourselves lucky and grateful.” 

“As human beings, we almost always suffer from the disconnect between the self we think we are and the self that the rest of the world sees in us.”

Source: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful – by Marshall Goldsmith

9.4 Recognize that tough love is both the hardest and the most important type of love to give (because it is so rarely welcomed).

“The greatest gift you can give someone is the power to be successful. Giving people the opportunity to struggle rather than giving them the things they are struggling for will make them stronger. Compliments are easy to give but they don’t help people stretch. Pointing out someone’s mistakes and weaknesses (so they learn what they need to deal with) is harder and less appreciated, but much more valuable in the long run. Though new employees will come to appreciate what you are doing, it is typically difficult for them to understand it at first; to be effective, you must clearly and repeatedly explain the logic and the caring behind it”

Source: Principles by Ralio Dalio

Reflection and Action

Building on the theme of feedback, reflect on if you are receiving the feedback you need to stretch and accelerate your skills. I am lucky that each week I receive valuable feedback from my work colleagues to help me grow and become a more effective leader. 

What is one area or skill that you want to become better at?

Action: pick a few people you interact with throughout the week and invite them to contribute to your success by sharing direct or anonymous feedback. Offer to do the same for them.

If you are a people manager, share at least one piece of feedback at the next one-on-one with your team members that will help them grow and deliver impact to the organization. Reinforce Ray Dalio’s guidance that you are vested in their success and the feedback is your gift to see them grow.

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James Gray

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