Frequently Asked Questions

What are the plans and pricing?

I offer a variety of subscription plans to meet your needs. All plans have full access to the online course, coaching services, and private LinkedIn Group until the end of your subscription period.

  • The Standard plan is a subscription ($250/month or $2,550/year) and our interaction is completely asynchronous via a variety of channels including video, messaging, text, and documents.
  • The Premier plan is a subscription ($400/month or $4,100/year) and includes the features of the Standard plan plus 2 hours of live interaction each month.
  • You can cancel your plan at any time.

I also offer live coaching sessions for $200 per hour that can be scheduled at any time.

For students, I offer a 50% discounted rate through a special coupon.

What is included in all membership plans?

  • Unlimited 24×7 access to theĀ Career Strategy Framework online course.
  • Personalized coaching: unique recommendations to shape the design and execution of your plan.Time relevant answers to questions you have as you navigate your journey.
  • Weekly accountability check-in on Saturdays and personalized coaching on Sunday that you will receive by video.
  • Unlimited access to your coach: You can send a voice or written message, video message to your coach when you need help. You will have a direct mobile phone number and get the support you need to guide your progress.
  • 60-minute live bi-weekly event to get answers in real-time and learn about techniques to accelerate your journey.
  • A member of my LinkedIn network (ranked in the top 95% of profiles).
  • Access to a private LinkedIn Group that you can share wins, challenges, and gain perspective of others who are investing in their career.

How does the coaching work?

After your subscription is purchased and activated, the following describes the logistics and how the coaching logistics work.

  • I will send you an invite to join my LinkedIn network.
  • You will then receive an invitation to join the private LinkedIn Group I moderate.
  • You will have access to theĀ Career Strategy Framework online course.
  • To initiate the coaching, you will share details about your career goals and challenges in written or short-video form. This will form the basis of my analysis to provide personalized recommendations.
  • Each week (e.g. Saturday) you will share a short video or document on the progress you made on the actions in your plan, share challenges or obstacles that you need help with.
  • Each week (e.g., Sunday), you will receive a short video from me with coaching recommendations and answers to your questions.
  • You will also be invited to the weekly livestream video where we explore career acceleration concepts and Q&A. Each session is recorded and will be available on-demand.
  • For the Standard plan, if there comes a need to meet directly one-on-one, you can purchase a one-time live coaching experience or upgrade to the Premier Plan.
  • For the Premium plan, members have up to 2 hours of live coaching that can be scheduled by them.

Why do I need to apply?

I want to ensure there is a strong fit between your goals and dedication and the type of driven people that I prefer to coach. This will help ensure it’s a great experience for both of us.

What shall I expect after I apply?

I will review your LinkedIn profile and send you an email with a few questions within 24 hours of applying. After receiving your feedback, I will respond within 24 hours to get you enrolled assuming there is a great fit!

What type of people is a good fit for your career coaching?

As a strategy coach, I work directly with a limited number of aspiring professionals that are seeking to reach their true career potential through focus and hard work. I would be a great fit for people with the following profiles.

  •  Engineer, Product Manager, Data Scientist, or Leader working within a high-tech organization. I have experience working in large enterprises such as Microsoft to small, entrepreneurial startups.
  •  Solopreneurs who want to create a unique side-hustle or full-time business that provides another income stream, freedom, and power.
  •  College Students that are seeking mentorship and coaching to select a career path, apply for internships and jobs, and grow credibility. Ideal career paths are career paths in product management, engineering, or data science.
  •  Committed to working hard, open to feedback, and delivering on the accountabilities we align on through our coaching.

What your expectations of people seeking career coaching?

Here are a few expectations to ensure we can create value by working together collaboratively.

  • You adequately prepare for the coaching session that will include sending information in advance that will make our discussion productive.
  • You ultimately own the decisions and actions based on our engagement as you know what is best for you. I will offer suggestions and perspectives based on my extensive experience.
  • You have a LinkedIn profile.
  • Everything we talk about is private and confidential.
  • To realize an impact from our coaching session(s), you will need to work hard and deliver on commitments you make.

Engagements can range in intensity from a single coaching session to sessions over months for larger transformations. My experience is that professionals typically require multiple sessions to first design a career strategy, outline an action plan, and then execute upon the plans to make it a reality.

The outcomes you seek will likely take time and the progress will be commensurate with the level of effort you apply to the action plans we have designed.

Why is coaching not available for purchase?

I limit the number of people I work with to ensure I can deliver a great experience that is life-changing. Please complete the form above and send me an email to [email protected] if you want me to add you to the waitlist.

I still have questions. How do I contact you?

No, worries – I love hearing from people. Send me an email at [email protected]. You may also schedule a 30-minute informational session for us to determine if there is a mutual fit.