Strategy Theme

The complexity of the one life we live is too precious to be left up to chance alone. Make rational decisions that align with your inner core and planned journey. This is the central theme of the Decide principle.

What strategic decisions are needed and how do I stay true to my purpose and calling in life?

During the course of a day, we make hundreds of decisions. It’s the quality of today’s decisions that will shape who we become months and years down the road. Small decisions have a way of compounding to significantly shape the course of your life. Learning how to automate decisions will save you time. Decisions that are congruent with what’s important to you and your values will lead to fulfillment and happiness. The challenge is that most decisions are made from an emotional mindset that fails to incorporate rational, logical thinking.

The objective of this principle is to improve the quality of your decisions that contribute directly to reaching your full potential.

Strategy Outcomes

By internalizing and practicing the concepts of this principle, you will increase the ability to:

  • Stay focused on what is essential and filter out everything else
  • Remain committed to your career roadmap through self-discipline with focus, habits, and decisions that align with who you want to become
  • Mitigate irrational behavior that will throw your journey off course
  • Accelerate decisions
  • Improve the quality of your decisions

Mental Models

  • Decide Automatically to Power Your Purpose

    Mental Model Each day we make thousands of decisions that can reduce our productivity and drain our energy. It’s not realistic to function in this fast-paced world if each choice requires analysis and then a decision. Effective people automate as many decisions as they can and make the one decision that decides many others. The…

  • Decide the Essential – Focus is Everything

    Mental Model Life is short and the reality is you can’t do everything. It’s also a highly competitive world where the focus of time and energy is critical to differentiating yourself from others. Your superpower comes from getting only the right things done. You control your time, energy, and financial investment. Your task is deciding…

  • Decide to Turn Pro – Leave Your Amateur Ways Behind

    Mental Model Turning pro is free. When you turn pro is all up to you. It’s the Resistance that is keeping you an amateur from important work. As life passes you by, your hope of turning pro diminishes each day. All it takes is a mindset shift to act like a pro and leave the…

  • Decide Tomorrow Today – Envision Achievement

    Mental Model Each day there is a chance that our procrastination or randomization from others will rule our day. Without a clear plan that allocates our time to the most important activities, we lose momentum and daily deposits toward our goals. The act of visualizing our ideal day in advance has a way of strengthening…

  • Decide What You Can Control – Peace Comes from Within

    Mental Model Stoic philosopher, Epictetus, stated that the most important choice in life is whether to concern ourselves with things external to us or things internal. Expending energy and time trying to change people and events we do not have complete control over is futile. People waste precious time fighting external battles when the path…

  • Decide Your Actions by Keeping Score

    Mental Model It’s easy to fool yourself and make a poor decision when you don’t have the facts. We often make decisions by gut instinct or emotion that can send us off course and not reach our goals. The compounding effect of thousands of small decisions we make each day can send us down a…

  • Decide Your Boundaries to Take Ownership of Your Life

    Mental Model You are responsible for your career and life. Everything is your responsibility – what happens to you and what you take action upon. Yes, read that again. Therefore, it becomes critical to know what is yours and what is not yours. Think of your life as a property line – it’s either in…