Strategy Theme

Pursuing a unique career path with confidence depends on convincing ourselves first about who we are and who we want to become and envisioning the life we wish for.

You make be tempted to skip to the 2nd strategy, but there is a reason why “Know Yourself” is the first strategy of the framework. It synthesizes the core ingredients for designing a career path that is uniquely yours. We constantly evolve as people, so you will return to this strategy to refresh your career strategy.

Strategy Outcomes

By internalizing and practicing the concepts of this module, you will increase the ability to:

  • Transform into a person who profoundly understands who you are and what is essential.
  • Embark on a journey of personal discovery to articulate a clear set of values, priorities, and a vision of your future self.
  • Strategically guide all future choices based on values and priorities that are deeply internalized.
  • Improve your daily decision process to align with the person you want to become.
  • Let go of emotions, people, or behaviors holding you back from reaching your full potential.
  • Select partners that align with and support your life and career.

Mental Models

  • Know and Operationalize Your Values: It’s Your Compass to Life

    Mental Model Each day there will be many choices of where to spend your time, how to show up, and situations that will test your inner being. There will be people who try to influence and confuse you with their agenda, and not care about yours. Life will get hard and you will need a…

  • Know the Life You Wish For

    Mental Model People have often been thrust down a path based on the family they were born into or circumstances outside their control. They point to those as easy reasons why they are not living their potential. Over time, people accept the life they have been dealt with due to a lack of self-belief and…

  • Know What Is Real But Not True

    Mental Model Our mind has a way of constraining our potential in life through negative self-beliefs, feelings, and emotions. They live deep within our minds and body. We reinforce them by looking for things that provide evidence to them. We are often our own worst enemy. These self-beliefs are real but are rarely true in…

  • Know What You Need to Leave Behind

    Mental Model As we go through life, we collect memories and experiences that shape who we are. This can feel like baggage that slows us down or prevents us from becoming the person we wish to be. To pursue your best work and operate at a true potential state, know what you need to leave behind…

  • Know Who to Take On the Journey

    Mental Model Some of the smartest most successful people in the world state that who you decide to marry is the most important decision of your life. But yet, it can be a decision based on emotions and illusions in our mind instead of reality. We underestimate the influence that our partner has on our…

  • Know Your Future Self

    Mental Model We are not controlled by our past or what other people think of us. But yet without a clear, vivid narrative of who we want to become, we remain in the status quo. The momentum of our current path narrows our vision of what may be possible. The daily demands of the urgent…

  • Know Your Identity

    Mental Model Our identity is an invisible force that shapes how we feel about ourselves, how we show up, and what we are capable of achieving. As we wander through life, our identity can become enmeshed by the roles we play in life. A challenging day at work can leave us emotionally upset and impact…

  • Know Your Present Self

    Mental Model Most people think they know who they are although, in reality, they are a mystery to themselves. The hustle of daily life and the apprehension of coming to terms with who we are and why we do what we do puts this self-awareness to another day. Evolving into the person we want to…

  • Know Your Simple Story – Clarity Is Memorable

    Resources The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living – by Ryan Holiday January 6th: Where, Who, What and Why

  • Know Your Vision

    Mental Model We are all allowed to be anything we want in this short life. But the daily demands of life and a myopic view can take you to an unintended destination over time. Without an inspiring vision, you will wander wasting valuable time and energy and never quite reaching your full potential. You find…

  • Unknow Yourself – Free Yourself from Self-Limiting Stories

    Mental Model As we go through life, we collect stories in our minds that ultimately limit our growth and happiness. These stories may have been true at some point (or not!) but no longer serve us. We have a way of accepting these stories as facts and they attach to us like barnacles. We carry…