Mental Model

There are countless opportunities to pursue in life and allocate our precious time. Choice can be overwhelming as can mobilizing ourselves to realize an ambitious goal. But when we are driven by a calling or sense of mission to achieve a goal with a specific endpoint, a life-altering quest is born. The clear challenge motivates us to action. Our feeling of purpose is the fuel that keeps us until the quest is achieved.


1 – Choose a clear goal.

Choose a clear challenge to overcome.

Chose a quest that is an expression of your purpose.

Choose a specific end-point to achieve your goal.

Write your simple quest in one sentence.

2- Plan your quest in small steps.

Decide what you will give up along the way to achieve your quest.

Calibrate your mindset that a quest is a marathon, not a sprint.

Identify a series of milestones that serve as guideposts.

Decide on the repeatable set of activities you will commit to realizing steady progress.

3 – Execute your quest.

Acknowledge and share small wins to stay motivated.

Expect problems and failures, these are gifts that accelerate growth.

Journal to capture how you have changed and become a better person throughout your journey.

Celebrate when you achieve your quest.

Plan your next quest.

Experiment With This

  • Outline an ambitious goal that you have been wanting to achieve, but have put off. Make it tangible, and time-bound. Share your quest with friends and family to make it real, and create accountability.
  • You can conquer your quest with small, achievements each week. Communicate wins on social media or your personal website.


The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life by Chris Guillebeau