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Sharing my best nuggets of knowledge to help people accelerate change and reach their true potential.

This newsletter is focused on strategy, mindset, and technology ideas to productize unique expertise and apply it in ways that realize the most wealth for you and society.

I share my ideas from the Career Strategy Framework and my work as a product and technology executive. Thinking and applying these concepts in small chunks each week will accelerate change to love the work you do and earn the rewards most important to you.

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Career Strategy Sunday: Inaugural Newsletter

Welcome to Career Strategy Sunday, This is my first newsletter and it's an honor to share it with you! While I have shared content via channels such as LinkedIn for many years, formalizing my writing into a weekly cadence was something I always wanted to do....

Spread Knowledge and Good Karma

Sharing my work broadly gets ideas out in the wild with the hope of helping people save time to reaching their full potential in their work life.

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