Chief Product Officer

In July 2020, I accepted a 6-month contract role as Chief Product Officer at Products That Count – one of the largest networks of product managers in the world. It’s a unique opportunity to develop my skills as a CPO by designing a new category of product mentorship offerings and driving a technology platform to expand the reach and engagement of our global audience.

Side Hustle Experimentation

I have been a fan of the side hustle lifestyle for many years. Right now I am experimenting and innovating two initiatives. At, I provide product and technology coaching to solopreneurs who need help to start, scale, or automate their online side hustle business. I am also working on a career strategy online course and coaching professionals in the tech space.

Learning To Live Again on My Terms

Since my divorce in August 2017, I have grown a deeper self-awareness, clarified my focus on professional pursuits, and embraced a mindset as a free individual that can do anything. As a confident and courageous person, I am living on my terms. I am reading a lot of books, living a healthy lifestyle through exercising and diet, and deepening relationships with great people.