decide your boundaries
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Throughout December and early January, I took stock to inspect my life as I could feel an imbalance. The early warning signs from my body, heart, and soul were clear signals that change was needed. One theme that emerged from my introspection was boundaries as the root cause of the imbalance and challenges I was experiencing. These included boundaries at work, home, relationships, and with myself. In some cases, it was the lack of a boundary, a boundary that I did not enforce, or a boundary that I failed to communicate to someone.

Left unchecked, the lack of clear boundaries will negatively impact your career and prevent you from experiencing your full potential. Problems in your personal life can bleed into your work life and vice versa.

So what is the nugget, and how can you take action in your career?

Document your boundaries into clear, tangible statements that clarify what “is ok” and “not ok”. The act of writing or typing out boundaries makes them real, conscious, and actionable. Think about where you are experiencing challenges and discover if there is a boundary that will neutralize the situation. Set boundaries for yourself, work, family, partner, and friends.

Remember that people you engage with across life are not mind readers. Share and discuss the relevant boundaries with people to set expectations and deepen the relationship. Commit to self-discipline on the boundaries you set with yourself to evolve into your future self. Embrace the freedom and power that you are solely responsible for in your career and life.

I have already noticed small changes in daily life since I documented and internalized my boundaries. I am optimistic about how the value will accrue over time.

See the Career Strategy Framework article “Decide Your Boundaries to Take Ownership of Your Life” for a deeper dive and book, web, and podcast references.

What boundary could make a difference in your career or life?

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