My quest to share the Career Strategy Framework with enough people to fill a football stadium continued today with a Microsoft Sales, Marketing, and Services (SMSG) Women’s Learning Circle lunch in Bellevue, WA.

Stop #55 on this journey safely puts me over 2,900 people I have connected with to share how a strategic framework can help you lead a life that has intentional outcomes.

During our hour we explored the key concepts of the framework processes and how they built on each other.  Fellow colleagues confirmed that self-reflection and soul-searching in “Know” was something that would take time and focus outside your normal routine.

I reinforced the need to articulate a clear value proposition during “Target” to focus on a market opportunity that aligns with your strengths. Refining the value proposition would also make it easy for potential buyers to understand your offering.

We continued the journey to “Plan” by viewing a sample career roadmap that identified potential pathways. This setup “Develop” reinforced the need to architect a learning plan for your current role and learnings that would enable your next transition.

Every product needs great marketing and “you” are no different. “Sell” reinforced the need to deliver your marketing message using a mix of channels that would reinforce the value proposition that was articulated in “Target”.

Running the length of the framework we discussed how the “Relationship” process would engage others in shaping and supporting your career strategy. We closed by seeing how “Insight” was critical to taking stock of where we are on the journey of life and being conscious to make the necessary adjustments.

I reinforced that the Career Strategy Framework is not a silver bullet but a mindset for learning how to adapt to our changing needs and the world around us.

Career strategy is more than just who we are at work so I encourage people to engage those special people in their life in shaping and supporting your strategy.  It’s not about perfection, it’s about charting a course and making the most of each day. Answering many of the questions posed by the framework will enable you to quickly make choices throughout the day and align your time to those intended outcomes that represent happiness.

I closed with a short story on an unintended journey that I started in 2008 by mentoring fellow Microsoft colleagues and helping people apply the concepts of the Career Strategy Framework. What started as a hobby has taken on a life of its own to places I would have never imagined.

Sometimes we find out a life purpose later in life in ways we never intended.  But when we do we are convicted to live it each day. I keep on spending time here because it keeps me true and accountable for my message. Best of all I get the opportunity to meet some amazing people during my quest that have helped and inspired me.

This evening I was delighted by an email from one of the learning circle colleagues inviting me to speak at another Microsoft Women’s 100+ event in January or February. The quest continues with 4 more planned stops in early 2015!

One of the best things you can do for yourself,  your organization, and your relationships is to refine your career strategy for 2015. I believe anything is possible when we take personal responsibility for our careers and life using a strategic framework. 

What is stopping you?