Expert Technology Coaching to Start, Scale, and Automate Your Solo Business

Learn the right tech and product strategy to deliver money into your bank account




Many creators and solopreneurs struggle to learn and leverage technology to power their businesses. With technology and product strategy coaching to start, scale and automate your online business, you’ll save time and money, and grow your business. 

Are you overwhelmed by technology?


There are so many technology options to choose from – I am not sure where to start


I am not sure what is even technically possible to power my online business


What technology should I be using for my unique business scenario?


I am not sure what are the best and easy-to-use tools for a solo business and someone who is not tech-savvy


I can’t find a credible and expert technology resource that I can trust and is vested in seeing my business grow


I want to use technology that does not rely on paying someone continuously – self sufficiency is important


I need cost-effective technology that does not significantly cut into my profit


I need technology that enables me to work from anywhere


I don’t have time to stay up to speed on the latest technology – my focus is on serving my customers.


I spend time on manual tasks and lack productivity tools that gives time back to serve customers


I don’t know how to use data and analytics to improve customer acquisition and conversion outcomes.

Are you frustrated with how to monetize products customers will love?


How can I test my business idea without spending a lot of money and time up front?


How do I design and monetize a new product category to compete on uniqueness instead of the continuous cycle of better?


How do I differentiate my product in what appears to be a crowded space?


What is the best way to get feedback from customers and prospects on unmet needs?


I have an idea for a product or service but I am not sure how to craft a compelling offer that resonates with my target buyer


What go-to-market strategies should I use to reduce buying friction and scale revenue?

Position the right product and use the right technology to power your online solo business


Don’t overpay for technology and learn how to become self-sufficient using the right tech for your business


Get expert recommendations, coaching and implementation to re-allocate time to growing your business


Scale and automate your business through the right technology and processes

Many solopreneurs struggle with product strategy and technology required to power their businesses. The breadth of technology is extensive, and it’s constantly changing. This can make it hard to decide what technology is best for your business and how to use it effectively. Sometimes the learning curve and lack of time to apply technology can prevent a business from thriving.

As an entrepreneur with an online business like you, I know how essential technology is to reaching the right customers and delivering money into your bank account.

I am here as your expert to help you select technology, implement it for you, and transfer knowledge, so you become self-sufficient. I love evaluating and using free or low-cost tech to maximize profit.

As a Chief Information Officer in my day job, I will coach you to think like a technologist that uses tools and data to deliver money to your bank account.

My expertise is broad and deep across many technical capabilities required to power an online business: product management, datawebsites, e-commerce, online course platforms, email marketing, search engine optimization, collaboration platforms, analytics, sales funnels, and podcasting. 

Hi, I’m James Gray

I am Chief Information Officer using tech to scale startups and enterprises.

1o years building and running technology solutions inside of Microsoft

10+ years side hustling in technology and coaching

How to Start, Scale, and Automate Your Online Business

1. Subscribe

Subscribe to a technology coaching plan that meets your needs

2. Implement & Learn

We’ll collaborate over video and messaging to implement technology and for you to learn how to use it

3. Grow

Go live with technology and processes with feedback loops to grow your business profitably

Stop Stressing Out About Product Strategy and Technology – Let an Expert Save You Time and Money

Many small business owners struggle to create products that customers love or lack the technology required to power their online business. With product and technology coaching to start, scale or automate your online business, you’ll save time and money, and grow your business. 

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I know you want to be a solopreneur with a thriving online business that creates freedom. To do that, you need the right technology to reach your audience, easily deliver the value proposition and have money automatically flow into your bank account.  The problem is technology can be complicated and is constantly changing which makes you feel overwhelmed. I believe that technology can be demystified for solopreneurs so that it becomes a competitive advantage, not a blocker that prevents your business from thriving. I understand that for non-technical business owners, technology can be overwhelming, which is why I offer coaching and hands-on implementation so that you can focus on growing your business.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Book: Select a coaching plan that suits your needs.
  2. Learn: We will collaborate using video and chat to help you learn product management and technology specifically tailored to your business.
  3. Grow: Use the right tech to power and grow your audience, accelerate leads, and convert prospects into income.

So, book your coaching to save money, save time, and reduce your stress. And in the meantime, subscribe to Solo Venture Tech newsletter to get tips and updates on product management and essential tech for solopreneurs. So you can stop feeling frustrated and instead let technology work for you.

Ready to accelerate your online business with the right tech and product strategy?

What Are the Benefits to You?

Here are the outcomes you can expect from working together:


I aim to get up and running with the right technology for your online business or unblocked as quickly as possible. My experience in various technologies required for online businesses will reduce your time selecting, implementing, and learning technology.


As a solopreneur, I seek free or low-cost technology to keep monthly expenses low. I also select easy-to-use tech so solopreneurs with limited technical expertise can successfully grow their businesses using technology without a dependency on high-fee consultants.


The wide variety of technology, the expertise required, and the need to drive income quickly can be stressful. My goal is to help you select the right technology, coach how to use it, and implement technology where you need help. You have the most value when you can focus on your customers.


My focus is on using technology to accelerate growth and deliver business outcomes for your venture.


My goal is to reduce your learning curve and help you become self-sufficient in the quickest time possible. You only need a certain level of expertise in the essential tech required for your online business.


Our collaboration will be easy, effective, and timely as we engage using a private, secure collaboration platform with live video conferencing, messaging, and file sharing. You will have my phone number for a quick answer when a live conversation is required.


How do I know if your technology services fit my business well?

To ensure a good fit between your needs and my expertise, I will use the information from our 30-minute discovery session or email that describes what you hope to achieve for your business. I value working with people who have a positive spirit and are motivated to realize results.

What are the plans and pricing?

I offer monthly subscription plans to meet your needs and make.

  • The 5X plan is a monthly subscription ($750/month) and includes 5 hours of live coaching/implementation with asynchronous collaboration through messaging, documents, and video.
  • The 10X plan is a subscription ($1,350/month) and includes 10 hours of live coaching/implementation and asynchronous collaboration through messaging, documents, and video.
  • You can cancel your plan at any time.
  • Services can also be purchased in blocks of hours. For customers with a subscription plan, this is at a 10% discount.
  • Hours not used during the month cannot be carried over to the next month. The intent is to take action and realized outcomes.

What is included in all membership plans?

  • Personalized coaching: unique recommendations and expertise for your online business.
  • You can send a voice, written, or video message when you need help. You will have a dedicated Slack channel and direct mobile phone number and get the support you need to guide your progress.
  • Free subscription to the Solo Venture Tech newsletter on Substack.

How does the coaching work?

After your subscription is purchased and activated, the following describes the logistics of how the coaching works.

  • To initiate our engagement, we will align on your goals, expectations, and timing through written form and a live conversation.
  • I will share the information for you to book time on my calendar for live coaching/implementation sessions.
  • I will provide access to collaboration tools, including Slack and Notion, to enable effective and efficient asynchronous communication.

What product and technology areas do you have expertise in?

I have a broad hands-on experience with the technology required to power online businesses, including e-commerce stores, online course platforms, websites, email marketing, analytics, personal productivity, domains, WordPress, podcasting, data strategy, and search. I focus on technology that can optimize your sales funnel to generate income and grow your audience and credibility. As a Chief Product Officer, I have deep expertise in product vision and execution across all aspects of becoming a product-led business.

How can I learn more about your credentials and work experience?

See my LinkedIn profile and to learn more about my expertise and if I fit your needs.

I still have questions. How do I contact you?

No, worries – I love hearing from people. Send me an email at [email protected].

Still, have questions?

Send me an email at [email protected]