Strategy Theme

Your product needs great marketing – Sell your message consistently across multiple channels to create demand and give credibility to your brand and value proposition.”

When people hear the term “sell”, it’s not uncommon that there is a negative context of someone telling others how great they are. This is not the approach I am recommending. The sole purpose of “sell” is to give credibility to your value proposition and ensure others have awareness of what you have to offer. Taking an authentic approach will ensure you are comfortable with how you do this. 

Strategy Outcomes

By internalizing and practicing the concepts of this module, you will improve the ability to:

  • become more visible within your industry and increase mindshare
  • change the perception that others have of you currently to one that aligns with your future self
  • increase the opportunities that come your way
  • make your value proposition believable and credible

Mental Models

  • Sell by Telling Your Simple Story

    Mental Model The world is a fast, busy place with people who have limited attention spans. Their memory of who you are and what you have to offer fades quickly. Your ability to engage them in your journey or what you are selling is dependent on the simple, interesting story you share with them. People…

  • Sell to Build Credibility and Reputation

    Mental Model The world is a competitive space, and it’s easy for your credibility to go unnoticed even if you think yours is impressive. Influencing the minds of people often takes time for key messages to solidify and associate them with your brand. Effective people continually “sell” their thought leadership in many forms such as…

  • Sell to Change the Perception That Others Have of You

    Mental Model People that can influence our opportunities and success can have perceptions of us that are not accurate. These assumptions are often the result of biases or snap judgments that can negatively impact our personal brand. While we cannot completely control what others think of us, we can pick up on these clues and…

  • Sell to Re-Create Yourself

    Mental Model You have achieved career success but what got you here won’t get you there. People continue to see you how you have always been. Your persona has plateaued or is no longer relevant in a rapidly changing world. Re-creating yourself into a new brand is only part of the solution. Selling this new…

  • Sell to Test Your Relevance and Worth

    Mental Model You have become comfortable in your job and some time has passed since you tested the market. Although you feel confident, you lack insight into how the market has changed. You overstate the value of the skills or underestimate how difficult it will be to make a transition. You leave money on the…