I am a data executive, coach, and podcast host.

Over three decades, I have dedicated my career to building and operating software products and platforms at startups and leading companies including Microsoft. I have a long history in the data space as a technology leader and data scientist. See about to learn more.

In addition to my love for technology, I discovered a superpower at Microsoft as a coach in the art of career strategy and helping people reach the next level in their careers. This passion led me to author the Career Strategy Framework – a process and mindset to designing and executing a unique career strategy.

I also┬ácoach professionals who are motivated to reach their true career potential. Making a difference in someone’s life is the most rewarding gift and is what fuels my motivation. Learn more to see if this may be a fit for you.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Github.

Reach me on email at [email protected]

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“I help people reach their true potential through strategy and mindset.

Becoming a master strategist is one of the most important skills of your life”