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inner quest

Inner Quest: Unlocking Career Potential

Coachee Challenges: Low self-awareness of who you are, what you want from life, and where you are going. Reacting to life, conflict with values and vision, not living authentically in your work and relationships. Self-limiting beliefs are limiting your potential.  You lack a compelling vision that is guiding your work that will bring out your best self and full potential.

Coachee Desired Outcome: Discover and meet your best self and learn the ingredients to unlock your full potential.

Coaching Approach: A 10-person, four-week cohort course to design why and how you do what you do to get what you want in return. Enroll here.

Strategic Career Path/Job Transformation

Coachee Challenges: Working in a job or career path that is limiting the growth of your expertise and value you can deliver, not getting the rewards you desire, and lacking passion in your work that does not feel like your true calling. Not earning the financial rewards you desire to fund your vision.

Coachee Desired Outcome: Loving your work, feeling more flow and energy, alignment between your life’s vision and work that maximizes impact and value for yourself and others. More freedom, autonomy, and financial rewards.

Coaching Approach: Leverage the Career Strategy Framework concepts and 1:1 coaching to target and sell your unique product where you have a competitive advantage, leveraging a strong brand and network of relationships. Executing a strategic search to land your next job. Learn more.

Leadership and Performance

High-Performance Work

Coachee Challenges: Not delivering to the expectations of your job, frustrated by your work performance, weak professional relationships, being passed over for promotions and high-profile initiatives, not knowing what is driving your performance and how to change it.

Coachee Desired Outcome: Boosting performance and impact, a development plan to close skill gaps, routines, rituals, and behaviors that deliver on and exceed expectations.

Coaching Approach: Explore and identify performance drivers, assessments, feedback from others, designing rituals and routines to deliver outcomes, incorporating productivity best practices, evaluating the fit between your product and current job.

Organizational Leadership

Coachee Challenges: Weak self-confidence as a leader, not seen and respected as a top leader in the organization and industry, growth plateaued, more managing than leading, results through command and control tactics, weak political acumen and social capital.

Coachee Desired Outcome: Strengthen leadership acumen, personal brand, expand and deepen professional and non-work relationships.

Coaching Approach: Stakeholder feedback, Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) assessment, exploring current leadership scenarios, adopting and practicing leadership best practices, and adopting Creative Competencies while minimizing the Reactive Tendencies of the LCP.

🚀 See Leadership & Performance Coaching for more details.

Technology Leadership & AI Productivity

Technology Leadership - Data and AI

Coachee Challenges: Lack of knowledge and practical experience using data and artificial intelligence to enable business strategy and deliver business outcomes, falling behind others learning data & AI expertise, career opportunities are being limited by you lack of technical and leadership skills.

Coachee Desired Outcome: Strengthen expertise in data and artificial intelligence capabilities and concepts, learn how to apply data and AI to business problems, and design a professional development plan to strengthen leadership and technology acumen.

Coaching Approach: Sharing resources and one-on-one coaching on technology, leading change, and using real business use cases to design an approach for leveraging data & AI capabilities.

🤖 See Data & AI leadership coaching for more details.

Personal Productivity Using AI

Coachee Challenges: Lack of knowledge of cutting-edge AI productivity tools essential for standing out and delivering high performance in your job. You feel you are falling behind colleagues or others in your profession, given that you are not adopting AI tools faster enough to remain competitive. Companies are cutting jobs due to AI productivity gains, and you want to be seen as an AI-savvy and thought leader applying AI technology to your job and company.

Coachee Desired Outcome: Strengthen technical expertise with AI-enabled tools, apply AI tools to your job that innovate processes, and boost productivity. Raise your brand profile as someone with expertise in AI tools applied to specific business problems in your domain.

Coaching Approach: Sharing resources and one-on-one coaching on AI tools, developing a learning plan to boost competency, and strategizing how to adopt and apply AI tools to your specific personal or business use cases.  Learn how to build and deploy a custom ChatGPT GPT in the OpenAI GPT Store to gain hands-on expertise.

Enterpreneurship & Product Management

Solopreneur Business and Technology Strategy

Coachee Challenges: You want to start or grow a side hustle or solo business but do not have the business strategy, product management, and technology expertise to design and operationalize it quickly.

Coachee Desired Outcome: Accelerate expertise of technology tools required to power your solo business, reduce time-to-market, revenue growth.

Coaching Approach: Document and design a value proposition for your offering, targeting strategy to put your product in front of prospects, select and operationalize technology tools, knowledge transfer of best practices.

Product Management Leadership

Coachee Challenges: Lack of product management expertise to flourish in your current job, finding it hard to transition into a product management role.

Coachee Desired Outcome: Strengthen product management acumen as an individual contributor or leader, get promoted into a PM leadership role, pivot and land a product management job.

Coaching Approach: Sharing of resources, one-on-one coaching to address knowledge gaps, use real-world scenarios in your current job to apply product management best practices, designing a professional development plan to close gaps in expertise and experience.


University Student Transformation

Coachee Challenges: Lack of clarity on your career path and ideal job, minimal or no interviews, weak network of people who can mentor you or help land a job, invisible within the industry (low brand awareness), stress and anxiety in your job search

Coachee Desired Outcome: Increase the number of interviews, stronger network with leading companies, thought leaders, and hiring managers, a brand profile you are confident and proud of

Coaching Approach: Clarify your product offerings, identify target paths and jobs that align with your vision and future identity, adopt strategies to grow your network with people who can help, and develop a brand profile that communicates the value of the expertise you have to offer.

🎓 For technology university programs, see technical career coaching for more details.

Landing a Job After a Layoff

Coachee Challenges: Stress and anxiety of a job loss, feeling a lower sense of confidence and spirit, confusion with the rapidly changing job market, worry, and stress due to financial commitments. Self-limiting beliefs that are constraining your awareness and options to what may be next.

Coachee Desired Outcome: Quickly secure a job that aligns with your expertise and compensation expectations, and ideally, longer-term career vision.

Coaching Approach: Mitigate self-limiting beliefs, and strengthen self-awareness using Career Strategy Framework, Strategy 1 (Know Yourself). Develop job search requirements to hone in on potential targets. Identify actions to market your expertise that raise the visibility and credibility of your brand with the target audience. Design a networking strategy of people who will open doors and advocate for you. Role-play interviews to prepare and strengthen your confidence and expertise.

Cohort Coaching Products

Inner Quest - Unlocking Career Potential Cohort Course

Unlock your full potential by discovering your best self and shifting your mindset to catalyze change and accelerate career growth. This six-week cohort course (limited to 20 people) is designed to help you accelerate clarification of what you want and why, who you must become, and what you must do to activate your career vision with focus and conviction.

One-on-One Coaching Products

Coaching products are offered as monthly subscriptions, and you can switch between products as your needs change. You can cancel anytime; there are no long-term commitments. Subscriptions include live, interactive video sessions and asynchronous coaching through email, text, video messages, and shared documents.