As a former CIO, CPO, and Data Executive, I partner with innovative organizations as a fractional strategic consulting and coaching leader to accelerate business outcomes through data, artificial intelligence, and human potential. 

Data & AI Strategic Consulting

Enable and accelerate business strategy outcomes through a unified strategy of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Strategic advisory service for organizations that need to accelerate and mature data & AI capabilities for business transformation.

See the complete set of services that can be tailored to the organization’s needs.

Contract and Fractional Leadership

Data & AI leadership services on a contract (fractional) basis to accelerate programs that flex with the needs of the business.

Roles include Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Officer, Data Product Leader, Data Operations, Technology Leader, and tailored positions upon request.

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Data & AI Leadership and Performance Coaching

Data and AI transformation start with human transformation.

Coaching programs emphasize elevating a leader’s performance by adopting proven creative competencies that boost leader effectiveness and business impact.

This program is focused on data and AI leaders responsible for the technology and executives responsible for leading change.

Data & AI leadership coaching

Data & AI Leader | Coach | University Instructor

James Gray

james gray

My Purpose - I am the:

  • alarm clock that wakes people up
  • flashlight that shines the light on awareness
  • knowledge beacon that guides others in darkness
  • time machine transporting people into the future faster
  • coach training an athlete to achieve top performance
  • people alchemist that creates human gold for organizations
  • key that unlocks hidden potential and knowledge

that inspires millions of people to pursue their best self and full potential now

Experienced technology executive as a Chief Product Officer, Chief Information Officer, and Data Executive.

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10 years building, operating, and managing data and analytics platforms at Microsoft

Master of Information and Data Science from the School of Information, University of California at Berkeley

Learning Facilitator for the Berkeley Haas School of Business course “Data Strategy: Leveraging Data as a Competitive Advantage

Learning Facilitator for the Berkeley Haas School of Business course “Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies and Applications

Certified Leadership and Performance Coach - Brown University School of Professional Studies

AWS and Microsoft Azure certified