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One-On-One Coaching

I met James at a pivotal time in my life. My startup fell apart and I suddenly found myself needing a new source of income. James helped me learn to see my career as a product while giving me the feedback and encouragement I needed to transition and land my dream job. I highly recommend working with James.

Josh Winters

Josh Winters

Lead Software Engineer, Sensei

The coaching session was a great experience. Through the entire process, I had a chance to think about my goals and learnt new ideas. James is very patient and did a lot of preparation prior to our session in order to understand what I was looking for and make the session most valuable and efficient. The notes are also extremely useful for me to refer to in the future. I highly recommend the coaching session with James!


Business Intelligence | Data Analytics, Healthcare sector

Small Group Workshops

Airbnb Experience  – Design Your Unique Career Path

Note: the reviews below are sourced from the Airbnb Experience page.

James provides some invaluable perspective during this experience and was a joy to connect with.


July 28, 2019

It’s past my bedtime, but I couldn’t delay writing James a glowing review. Do yourself a favor and book this experience before he starts charging what this experience is really worth, which is a helluva a lot more. Thanks James.


July 21, 2019

James’ career workshop was well worth the cost! I learned so much during the time that I spent with him and am so grateful that I decided to sign up for this workshop. He is clearly passionate about helping others develop their careers.


June 30, 2019

10/10 recommend


May 25, 2019

James was great! He was very interactive and has clear passion for helping people achieve their dream. We benefited tremendously with James and gave us the jump start to follow through with our goals.


March 31, 2019

I am very happy to participate in the activities organized by James, and it is only me alone. It is really a great honor to be able to communicate in such a one-on-one manner. James shared with us his past work experience and some thoughts, which was especially inspiring to me. At the same time, we also discussed aspects such as family, work and culture. I hope that I will have the opportunity to communicate with James and learn from each other in the future.


February 9, 2019

James was wonderful in so many ways during this experience. He made the learning environment very open and safe for people to explore where they are in their journey. I left the experience changed and re-energized to go back to my current workplace with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to give it my all and at the same time continue to delve into what may be the next chapter for me occupationally. He is working toward fostering a community of ‘like-minded’ people. From my view he’s engaging in a conversation and work helping people who want to become the best versions of themselves to contribute to this world’s survival, health and happiness. What a blessing to have crossed his ‘path!’


January 12, 2019

It was a fantastic experience. One of open dialogue, learning and collaboration with actionable next steps and accountability built in for finding the unique path. I highly recommend this session for anyone out there looking to take a step back, evaluate where you are at in your current career and building out some next steps that can easily be taken to get you more of what you want in life and for your career. James’ approach and attention to detail help you learn creative outlook for evaluation and build a strategy to align your goals and aspirations with the concepts you are most passionate about. Also his openness to feedback about the experience will continue to build an even stronger session for new comers looking to participate. Good luck and have fun!


January 12, 2019

Corporate Group Workshops

 Wired for Success – Global Search and Digital Solutions Americas Summit (1/28/2015)

“I’ve been at Microsoft for 6.5 years – and this is the most concrete tool I’ve encountered for career planning. It is a time commitment, but powerful.”

John Gagnon

January 28, 2015, Microsoft

Event Speaking

Microsoft Technical Leadership Development Program (12/3/2015)

Great Presentation!

I’d like a copy of your presentation and a template with examples of what a personal value proposition looks like!

Lanny D. Kimsey, Jr.

Sr. Consultant, Microsoft

Microsoft SMSG Women’s Learning Circle (12/1/2014)

Shelby Gagnon

December 2, 2014, Microsoft

Microsoft Silicon Valley Career Conference (3/26/2014)

 Women at Microsoft YamJam on Yammer (1/6/2014)

“Amazing insights and thank you so much James Gray for doing this, you’ve inspired me to refresh my approach to my career.”


Own Your Attitude, Own Your Career (1/21/2014)

“It was much more valuable than I expected”

“I had extremely high expectations. They were exceeded”

“Every single line in every single slide was having lot of meaning, and I do agree with lot of things that you showed in your presentation. The Framework that you have presented was very nice and very valuable.”


Developing Your Own Unique Career Path (1/7/2014)

“My sincere thanks again for the thoughtful and thought-provoking messaging you delivered yesterday. I was stopped in the hallways by no less than a dozen people thanking me for bringing you and your framework to them. While it’s understood that this ‘feeds’ your passion, I know it’s not a small ask to prepare and deliver such great content. Your generosity was greatly appreciated by each of us and I know it is already changing how people think about their career goals and their lives as a whole.”


 Microsoft Women’s Global Conference (10/23/2013)

You were mesmerizing to the audience. I attended your Know self 11a-12p session.

You were very engaging, genuine and thought provoking in your speech. If I am not wrong your session was the highest attended. I checked into several other but nothing caught my interest.

I had a few friends who told me the same.  I told them proudly, yes I agree and I work with him!


Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft

I attended your talks at the Global MS Women’s Conference and they were my favorite part of the conference!

I have really changed my thinking about my career path and I am working hard to align myself with my new goals!

Charlene Jeune


I attended your sessions today and I was on edge of my seat the whole time. I appreciate that you not only had good content (the personal stories/examples were a plus), but more importantly you provided actionable next steps to accomplish the “how” so that I could walk out there with a plan. The information you provided was timely as I’m trying to decide “what’s next”. What really resonated with me was part about not looking for a specific role but thinking about the experiences you want to have, the competencies you want to develop, etc. I now see how I’ve limited myself by trying to identify a specific roles(s) so I’ll be working to figure out those experiences and let that guide my search.

Well done and thank you for sharing!

Tony Henry

Business & Operations Manager, Microsoft

On October 23, 2013, I presented at Microsoft Women’s Global Conference in Redmond, WA.  Some buzz from my two presentations on “Self-Knowledge” and “Developing Your Own Unique Career Plan”.  Read my reflection preparing for this event and the person who shared how this framework changed her life.




“Thank you so much for speaking at the Women’s Conference this week. I feel really inspired to spend the time investing in my own career by creating a roadmap similar to yours”

“I attended your sessions today and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I appreciate that you not only had good content (the personal stories/examples were a plus) but more importantly you provided actionable next steps to accomplish the ‘how’ so that I could walk out of there with a plan.”