As a coach, I focus on two areas:

  • Ambitious people who seek to reach their unique, full potential in work and life. They want to increase income, expand options, and boost well-being but are feeling stuck on how to get there.
  • Entrepreneurial people who want to start, scale, or automate an online side hustle business. They need help with technology or product strategy to accelerate money flow into their bank account.

If any of the challenges described below resonate with you, I look forward to hearing from you ([email protected] or LinkedIn).

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Accelerate a Transformation to Reach Your Full Potential

Your goal is to: increase income, expand options, and boost well-being

Challenges – You Feel:

  • unemployable – you are finding it hard to get your next job, recruiters are not contacting you
  • poor or strapped – you lost your job or are on a career path that will not lead to the rewards you want
  • boxed in or manipulated – you do not have control over your destiny and daily life
  • invisible – your brand, talent, and experience is not as well-known and this is limiting your opportunities
  • depressed or anxious – your work or financial situation is compromising your well-being
  • anxious – your income comes from one primary job and life becomes unstable if you lose it
  • isolated – you lack a strong network of professional colleagues who can open up doors and provide guidance
  • alone – you lack quality mentorship to provide feedback, accountability, and support in a safe, confidential space
  • frustrated – you have been passed over for a promotion, your leaders don’t believe in you
  • you are wasting your life – the path you are on is not exciting, growth-oriented, or challenging your potential
  • imposter syndrome (not good enough) – low self-confidence is preventing you from operating at a high-performance level 
  • under-employed – you are in a job that does not leverage your full talent and potential
  • low energy – although you are ambitious, your mojo is not what it used to be
  • tactical, lack vision – you operate with your head to the grindstone and people see you as solely an executor
  • unfocused – you don’t have a plan to reach your goals, or distractions prevent you from staying committed to delivering on it
  • relationships degrading – your emotions and a lower sense of self has negatively impacted important relationships

You Have Tried:

  • Do-It-Yourself – Acting as your own coach and accountability buddy has delivered limited change
  • Traditional career coaching – they are too general and do not understand my work domain
  • Networking – I don’t have a lot of value to give in return right now
  • Writing articles – thought leadership helps grow my brand over time, but I need a quicker solution
  • Company career training – it’s rudimentary at best, and content is not relevant to my goal of transitioning outside the company
  • Facebook Groups – while I found some good ideas, I need a deeper level of expertise and accountability to accelerate my change

For those of you who have not given up to experience your full potential

Tech and Product Coaching to Accelerate Your Side Hustle

Your goal is to: start, scale or automate a side hustle business

Challenges – You Feel:

  • Overwhelmed – there are so many technology options and I not sure where to start
  • Uncertain –  I don’t know what is technically possible to power my online business
  • Impatient – I don’t have the expertise or time to learn technology through self-learning
  • Worried – I don’t have a lot of money for technology and I don’t have a business without it – I need free or low-cost tech that is easy to use
  • Frustrated – I think I have a good product idea, but my efforts to increase income have not materialized. I may not have the right product-market fit or content on my website to deliver leads and sales.
  • Anxious – I don’t have a lot of time to find solutions through trial and error – I need success quickly.

You Have Tried:

  • Reading Chris Guillebeau’s books and listening to his podcast to get my side hustle moving. Chris’s material is awesome (it really is!) but I need help with technology.
  • Do-it-yourself for creating my website but I didn’t have the expertise to get there quickly or acquire the other technology I needed.
  • Searching for technologists but they lack the product management mindset to translate my business ideas into experiences that resonate with my target audience. I need someone who knows technology and bringing products to market.
  • A web developer and it’s a constant drain of my hard-earned money. I need someone to teach me the basics so I can be self-sufficient.

For Side Hustlers who still believe in their business and want to save time, save money and reduce stress