My Quest

Starting in 2008 I started to challenge the status quo at Microsoft that career strategy was more than just who we are at work. I saw a need to help fellow colleagues answer important career questions and inspire managers to see that talent management was the single most important asset of any business.

With more than 50 events and mentorships behind me, I am on a quest to touch 63,000 with my message.  While my aspirational goal of filling California Memorial Stadium is vividly clear, how it will happen is the curiosity I seek on this journey.

As a practitioner of the Career Strategy Framework, I have years of experience learning about who I am, what I want in life and how to balance my time across all of the roles I play in life.  One of the most valuable gifts we can give in life is to share best practices and help others live a great life because it’s not forever. The goal at the end of my journey is a book that I can give to my kids on what I learned through life as a person, husband, father, and leader. There are fewer days ahead than behind so it’s a quest I must complete.

Past and future stops on my journey